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Creating a Conviction

One of the best ways to drive yourself that I have read about so far is creating a conviction in your belief system. A conviction will create such a positive connection in your head with a certain behavior it will lead you to take massive action. There is a four step process to creating a conviction that sounds simple to follow but takes a significant amount of work to achieve.

Step 1: Create a basic belief that you want to turn into conviction. A belief is just a thought in your head that is powerful enough that you do not question it. For our purposes right now say the belief you are trying to achieve is: “I am a skilled programer.”

Step 2: Create references for that belief. This is integral, use your experiences, imagination, and knowledge to create different references that will shape the belief. One of the great things about this step is these references don’t necessarily have to be true, you just have to believe them.In our programming example think of times in your head where you have created great projects that you were especially proud of. Imagine the type of projects you WILL create with your skill set. Think about winning contests and the excitement and joy it caused you. Also, associate massive pain with not achieving your new conviction. Imagine all the areas of your life that will suffer as a result of not having that conviction.

Step 3: Find a triggering event. Create one event that “fire’s up” that belief. It can be a small start but make sure you DO start. Do not be afraid to jump in even if you’re not quite sure what you are doing. Commit yourself to taking action. In the case of programming it could be as simple as creating a basic HTML page.

Step 4: TAKE ACTION. This is the most important step. Do anything you can to associate your experiences with your new belief. Practice, create, compose, whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish, and do it often. The more you do this the stronger your conviction will become. Associate great enjoyment and pleasure from carrying out your new belief. Attach positive emotions to strengthen your belief to the level of conviction. Know that you are living how you want to live and you are directing your own path rather than letting your environment control you.

One thing to keep in mind: We can create references from other peoples opinions of us. This is called social proof and it is something that could severely hurt your chances of achieving your conviction. If you take limiting criticism’s to heart it will diminish and possibly stop your path to conviction.

So ignore the haters, tune them out. Acknowledge what they say, then disregard it. These are the people that are trying to see you fail. They don’t want you to rise above their level so they try to bring you down. These are the people you want to distance yourself from eventually because they can become toxic in the long run.
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