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How to Write a Winning Email For a Job Interview

Yesterday I received an email from the Sacramento Kings after I applied for job as a Ticket Sales Representative. I am extremely passionate about sports and I want to work in sports to see if it is the right career path for me. After I sent my email, I got a phone call within a few hours asking me to visit for an interview. The post below will go through the questions, my answers, and the reasoning behind why I said what I did in bold:

Dear Ms. Hiring Manager(She had a name but I am not going to post it on the internet),

Thank your for contacting me! Please find your questions along with my responses below. I have also attached a PDF of this email if you would prefer that format. Additionally, I have reattached my resume to this email for your convenience.

First, I showed enthusiasm that I was receiving an email but I didn’t want to sound too eager. Next, I let her know that there was a PDF of my answers attached. Some people have tiny email spaces that they are reading from and this tactic gives them an option to view it in a larger format. This is a breath of fresh air if they have been reading hundreds of emails. I also attached my resume, because again they may be going through hundreds of emails and might not want to search for yours.

1. What do you find most interesting about this position?

I have a passion for sports and I am excited about the opportunity to directly contribute to the Kings success and attendance by selling tickets. I am passionate about sports and I hope to make it my career long term.

I have also been a lifelong Kings fan and I can remember the electricity in the crowd during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I want to contribute to the Kings once again achieving that level of success.

Again, I showed enthusiasm for the position and passion for the team. I also showed how I was a true fan by talking about the Kings glory years. I have been a Kings fan since I was a kid and Chris Webber is still my all time favorite player. I also made it clear that I am looking to get into the sports industry as a career, not just a quick job that I might not be around for in a year.

2. Tell me about your understanding of the job you’re applying for?

I recently read the book Break Into Sports Through Ticket Sales and I have been excited about ticket sales positions since. I understand that ticket sales involve a large number of cold calls and the ability to close over the phone. A ticket sales representative must also quickly and effectively cultivate relationships over the phone.

Additionally, being able to work well within a group, and maintain a competitive spirit accompanied with a positive attitude are vital traits needed in a sales environment. I believe my past experience and enthusiasm will help me carry out these duties in an exemplary manner.

Research, research, research. Read the leading books on your field of choice while you are trying to find a job. If you reference one of the leading books in the field, they’ll know you are for real.

3. What assets or skills do you possess that you think would be of greatest benefit to the organization in this position?

At Tandem Properties, I spent a lot of time explaining our product and closing leases over the phone. That experience gives me a strong foundation in sales. I enjoy working with customers over the phone and I am very comfortable speaking with strangers.

I also spent over two year in the UC Davis Athletic department working in sports marketing in promotions. I worked on numerous projects aimed at increasing attendance among UC Davis students and the surrounding community. I learned how to connect with potential sports fans and convince them to attend our events.

I highlighted skills I had learned through past work experience that were valuable to the position. Don’t go overboard here and list every job experience you’ve ever had here. Make sure the skills you list truly carry over.  The way I worded my response let hiring manager not only sees that I have these skills, but also that I gained them working in a real office and not just through a class. A class may or may not have actually taught you something so real world experience is a plus. I also kept weaving in my enthusiasm for the position and letting the manager knew I had the right skills.

4. Do you have availability M-F, 8:30 am – 8:30 PM?

Yes, I have availability throughout these time periods.

Even if you don’t say you do. Work something out later if you really want the job.

5. Do you have the availability to start immediately?

Absolutely, and I would love the opportunity.

Basic, but again showing enthusiasm. I am hoping that my enthusiam comes through without hearing my voice.

If you have any other questions please let me know. I would appreciate the chance to speak with you about the position. I can be reached at (Phone #) or Nick.J.Altman@gmail.com.

Nick Altman

You should be ending any job search related email this way.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions on what I could have said, I’d love to hear how you guys make it work for you!

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