Reading Plan Update

April 5, 2011 Leave a comment

My reading project has taken more time than I anticipated, mostly because I am actively pursuing getting the most out of my reading. I want to understand and retain the material in these books as best I can. I am also taking the most comprehensive notes I have taken on any books in my life.

I am using the “read to lead” mentality and so far it is working out great but the major side effect is what I gain in understanding, I lose in speed. My goal is to finish reading an outlining each book by April 16th. At that point I will post about my 30 plan of action into the world of uber-productivity.


Books I’m reading

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

So here is my initial list of personal develpoment books that I will be using to start my 30 day experiment. It’s limited right now to assure I will be able to complete everything. I specifically chose books that covered fairly distinct material so there will not be very much overlap.

I used Steve Pavlina’s recommended list to help me choose the books I will be going over to achieve this ambitious experiment. I will be starting with these and maybe adding a few more if I think I can handle it:

1. Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins
– A great primer on NLP. The first time through there were some really great concepts that I learned that helped me dealing with people in my last job as a Leasing Consultant. Great negotiating tips and a lot of great tips to increase personal happiness by controlling your own mood/thoughts/behavior. 30 days following this advice alone will help my state of happiness and should increase my productivity dramatically.

2. How to Win Friend’s and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
-This book also helped me greatly working as a leasing consultant. I was able to put myself in the shoes of the customer and really get them to understand the product we had to offer using Carnegie’s techniques. Reading the different tactics in the book helped me evolve as a salesman and greatly improved my interpersonal communication. Reminding myself about these techniques should help me do a better job maintaining relationships.

3. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
– Success is nothing without happiness and I believe using some of these techniques, especially teaching myself to stop thinking at time to clear my thoughts, will be very beneficial. This will help me gain a sense of balance. Meditation has always helped me when I become overly stressed so using it at the start of the project should ideally help me to avoid stress that might result.

4. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
– Essentially a book a bout dreaming big. TAGR doesn’t really give a lot of hands on techniques like the others but is more of an inspirational classic that helps keep hope alive. By consistently reading and re-reading, it will help inspire me to perform well and realize my dreams.

5. Getting Things Done by David Allen
– the only book I have not already read. GTD will basically be an attempt to reorganize my life to become a high effieicency/output kind of person.

I chose a list of books I am already familiar with on purpose because it will be easier to go back over the material the second time and extract what I have already used successfully in the past that I’m not using right now. It will also help me identify new techniques that I might have missed the first time through.

I will be taking much more detailed notes this time to have something to go over and keep me on track each day. I am going to use the next week and a half or so to review each book, get my notes down, and put my system in place.

Once I have my plan laid out I will do my very best to follow the plan for 30 days. I will be posting a detailed breakdown of each book and plan on how to follow it for 30 days. Hopefully the end result will be a happier, more productive me.
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First Post, my entrance to the Blogosphere

March 16, 2011 1 comment

I am writing this blog as an attempt at developing myself. As it stands I am a graduating college senior with hardly an idea of what I want to pursue in the future. There is so much good advice out in the blogging world and I am going to try to actively pursue as much of it as I can.

This blog is going to serve to chronicle my experiences and experiments as I search the web and other resources to help me on this journey. My vision for this blog is to serve as a journal as I better myself as a person and ultimately find fulfilling work. Tomorrow I will post some of my primary goals and references that I will be working on.

My first goal is a lofty attempt to integrate 3-5 of the different personal development systems that I have read the past few years that I have neglected recently. I am going to actively pursue the strategies outlined in these sources and see how my life changes as a result while following them for a minimum of 30 days. Wish me luck…
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